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with cron.d. make it >3MB ? lol epicmetal: you didn't make it clear that you used "sudo" so I am doing this: "sudo -i" then going to config.txt and doing "sudo nano config.txt" not on the console or on the key which just says "boot.siai.i.edu.vn" but I want to change that to boot.kernel.org oh ok let me try this i'll just be a second okej i did /media/epic/boot/config.txt /media/epic/boot/config.txt sudo nano /media/epic/boot/config.txt mdr of :/media/epic/boot/config.txt did you use sudo -i? yes :/media/epic/boot/config.txt not /media/epic/boot/config.txt yea I can't edit that file i will need to use sudo and then sudo nano /media/epic/boot/config.txt right? yup sudo /media/epic/boot/config.txt ? ok need to reboot thank you jwash :D sure you're not by any chance using the emulator are you? I'm having problems getting boot.kernel.org working on a real machine I'm just going to have to stay with default unless someone knows how to change it




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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Crack Download Reloaded [Updated-2022]
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