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I hope to have a fresh build which works good with Zero, Assault and Elite faction. Hopefully this mod will allow Zero faction to have the struts (used as minifigs for each squad or platoons) and other Zero equipments. For Zero faction, you will see much cool equipment instead of having the minifigs with the same gear. More details about the Zero faction (such as bounty, custom gears, etc) will be added soon. For elite faction, you will have these new teams with more operations, etc. Q2, 2017 I also release a new version of my mod (v 1.02) for LOTR BFME II. This new version features: - Changelog, updated on 1st September 2017. - LOD and Materials of building for my mod (using the official materials which I received from RohanB. - No NPE (Napali Steel Scrap) on the materials. - Remove all LODs for buildings and NPEs for materials (replaced by new one). Q1, 2017 I started to work on a new version of my mod (v 1.01), to implement the new Factions in 2011 Mod, and also include the new minifigs. This version features: - Changelog, updated on 30th January 2017. I release a mod with better engine for my previous mod (Q1, 2017). This new version features: - Updated requirements for older Mod. I release a version of my mod to support the Mod "The Lion's Glance" (2011) which was released by the developer four months ago. This mod is for the 2012 version of the game (v0.03a). It includes most of the changes in 2012 (at that time) including: - moddable




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Lotr2elvenstarmodversion43 2022
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